Catching up! 

Okay so this is my last three days in one picture. My  whole week was basically sent doing maths revision for a test which wasn’t so fun 😳

Yesterday I went to my best friends birthday party and it was so good, sorry all the pics are of food but I don’t want any pictures of myself. We went to this trampolining park called gravity force which is amazing everyone should go try it out, it’s great fun! 

Today I went to the cinema to see big hero six and went out to dinner at zizzis. Big hero six is a bit different to the usual disney film but it was quite exciting so check it out! And as usual zizzis is my favourite restaurant in the whole world if you’ve never been, you have too! 

If your reading this I love you ❤

xoxo Bloggingmylyfe 


Welcome to Bloggingmylyfe! 

Welcome to Bloggingmylyfe! I have really wanted to make a blog for ages and I finally made one the other day on an app called blogger. I was happy with my blog until I saw someone using this website and it looked so much better so I thought I would give it a try! Even though I’ve only been blogging for about a week (about a week ago aha!) I already love it and always eager to write a new post! 

A bit about me: I’m a girl teen living in the uk who loves photography, swimming and writing! I’ll post beauty, reccemendations and just what’s on my mind really! 

I’m hoping to kickstart an Instagram soon to encourage more people to read my blog and it will be under this name so go follow if I’ve created! 

I will follow everyone back as I think it’s only fair, you get some you give some back! 

Thank you for reading! Keep smiling,

xoxo Bloggingmylyfe